26 septembre 2017

Shitake Rhum Risotto

Don't miss out on this delicious discovery of ours just because my sister forgot the so precious key ingredient...The wine.
2 avril 2018

How to make choux pastry and creme patissiere?

The delights of baking and making people happy
4 avril 2019

Galette des rois – King’s cake

I woke up this morning with a burning desire for a galette des rois. we might not be in January but there is never a bad time indulge yourself. So I hit the kitchen and baked up like a storm to get this shiny, crunchy galette.
11 novembre 2020

Bourdaloue tart recipe

Delicious typical french tart. Invented in Paris in the street it was named after. Bourdaloue by a french baker in 1850. The base is a shortcrust hosting a marvellous almond cream with poached pears.
20 novembre 2020

Chocolate chip chocolate cookie recipe

World’s best fudgiest chocolate chip cookie ever
6 janvier 2021

Best Italian Panettone. Original recipe

The best Panettone ever. Original recipe with a 3-step fermentation. For a better taste, better digestion and conservation.
18 février 2021

Succès – Chocolate almond cake

Let me introduce you to the cousin of the Macaron. Pure delight.
8 mars 2021

American Pancake

Fluffly pancake as high as a mattress.
17 mars 2021

Lemon tart