25 septembre 2017

5 reasons to go barefoot

Get rid of your shoes and adopt this life changing style
29 septembre 2017

My wild camp night in the forest of Plitvice national park

For those who wondered how and where I sleep. The proof in image in the Plitvice forest...I froze to death!
25 novembre 2017

what you should know about olives and olive oil

My 5 days in a sustainable olive farm in Greece in Kamména Vourla
23 février 2018

Why should you visit Iran

Iran has been my favorite country on this trip check out why?
18 mars 2018

How did I hitchhike to India from France?

A 6 month nomad journey hitchhiking with no money
15 mai 2018

Why do I travel without money?

A nomad journey hitchhiking the world with no money
5 juin 2018

Where do you sleep tonight?

A chronicle about my heroes on this nomad journey hitchhiking the world with no money