9 octobre 2017

Explore a jewel of the Julian Alps hiking in the 7 lakes valley

Get on the doorstep of the famous Triglav through the 7 lakes trail in Slovenia
7 octobre 2017

Hiking to Viševnik – Pokljuka

Get the 360° vertigo from the top of Viševnik and overlook the famous Triglav
29 septembre 2017

My wild camp night in the forest of Plitvice national park

For those who wondered how and where I sleep. The proof in image in the Plitvice forest...I froze to death!
26 septembre 2017

Hiking to the Hafelekarspitze – Innsbruck

A hike that will make your heart beat in all manners
26 septembre 2017

Shitake Rhum Risotto

Don't miss out on this delicious discovery of ours just because my sister forgot the so precious key ingredient...The wine.
25 septembre 2017

Hiking to the Säuling – Algaü

Lose your eyesight on the verge of the austrian and germany Alps
25 septembre 2017

5 reasons to go barefoot

Get rid of your shoes and adopt this life changing style
25 septembre 2017

Hiking as light as can be

No matter how strong you are. No matter how hard you want to challenge yourself. Light hiking is the best. I ve so many times hiked with a 12kg bag. After a few days, you do feel like a shipwreck...So here is a tip!
16 septembre 2017

The keys to light backpacking

Find some guidance on what you should take when you leave it all behind you and hitchhike straight to India on a low budget.