Who is le pâtissier voyageur?

Le pâtissier voyageur

Formerly working as an accountant I have decided to give a switch to my life and became a pastry chef. As an eternal nomad my life fits in a backpack. I stride accross the world hitchhiking without money with a curious, reelled and spontaneous look to meet others. Passionate of hiking and cooking, I ll share my discoveries with you.

Why hitchhiking?

As a single traveller, hitchhiking is the opportunity to meet a lot of people along the road

It's that constent excitment of being in the unknown, of hoping hard not only for the next ride but also for the next encounter.

The pulse of hitching gives a melody to the travel.

It is that moment when you can just go with the flow and change your plans if you had any.

The communion of different slices of life that meet at one instant.