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Why do I travel without money?

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2 avril 2018
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5 juin 2018


A re-occuring question on this trip has been, why do you travel without money?

And a few comments such as your life is tough follow or sometimes the counterpart is you are very brave. Well, I don't picture myself in any of these remarks.

I do believe that money has instored a screen in between the people. As a traveller, when you go for lunch in a restaurant, you exchange a hello, eventually a smile. If people are curious they will ask where you are from. And the rest is transaction. Same goes for your hotel room, your taxi. So I thought, why not try to go back to the basics. Before money existed, there were other values, other ways.


Exchanging services is one way. Bartering is another one. And most importantly unconditional gift & help is probably the best thing humanity can ever demonstrate.

It turns out that these alternatives allow you to create a bond in between the people. Especially the latter. Why? Because from using what is a transaction tool, you have to tie back with langage to interact with others. From body to verbal langage and you allow the energy to flow in between the people.


Money isn’t a langage.

That’s when you factor in the strengh and power of storytelling. If you come, just asking for food. There are high chances you’ll get turned down. If you arrive with your story, your experience, your faith, your sparkle, you’ll realise that as different as we might all be there is one common ground, one common value “HUMANITY”. Humanity is Love and love is god. We all have wings, as angels but we just forget about it!


Once one of my host asked me, what kind of magic did you do to us? Really surprised I asked what do you mean. He said since I arrived in town everyone started to be nicer to each other. No pride into this but I guess they just needed to realise that beside the day to day routine, they are all gifted and can spread the good around them.


Not using money is only one way among many to tie with humanity. But that’s the one I picked.

Surprisingly you might think , when I have needed a place to stay or some food, nobody has ever asked me for anything in return.

I’ve been asked and I’ve asked myself is it correct to take from others. This question tighs back to the notion of possessing we have in the occidental world and it is overall a capitalistic concept. You should realise that you are actually receiving gifts of love! Receiving isn’t taking. And for once you forget about the lectures you received about being polite and most likely refusing people’s help in the name self reliance! Because there is no such thing as independence we all need each other!

I've on my way, stopped in schools to teach english, helped farmers to pick fruits...All of this without expecting anything in return either.



I have time so why count it, why monetise it? And same goes when I’m helped.

Learning to say yes is acknowledging humanity and therefore love. We must find or tie back with grounds in which we can still meet and not fear each other or always hide behind a transaction to feel safer.

The online platforms for car pulling are nowadays surely very convenient. But these are actually made because people are scared of meeting each other. They are shown as a revolution but this has always existed. It just goes through a "secured path".

I hitchhike because it's happening right on the road. The encounter, the cling between different souls. The act of acknowledging each other.


I m currently in Nepal and I have seen so many people waiving at drivers to catch a lift. Wether it’s students going or coming back from school. Both Boys and girls do it. Or People going to work. Do you think they consider themselves as hitchhikers? No. They just trust each other. And nobody worries if they'll reach on time. They know they will. I have even seen a truck fitting 7 people today in the cabin.

Often, people tell me. What if you don't find food, what if you have nowhere to stay, what if you don't find a ride. I don't ask myself these questions which is why I can travel with a peaceful mind without worrying about where I'll sleep at night. And I have always found. If you are ready to let go and welcome life. It will surely treat you well.


I have decided to trust in humanity. And there is no such thing as half trust. You trust or you simply don't.


Le Patissier voyageur

On a permanent appointment with humanity