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A 10 hour breathtaking hike in Paklenica national park – Croatia

Enjoy a stunning panorama hiking the northern Velebit – Croatia
30 octobre 2017
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25 novembre 2017


Explore the canyon of Paklenica and challenge yourself on this steep hike.

Get to the top of the highest mount in paklenica national park Vaganski vrh (1 757 m asl). The first part of the hike is a sweet approach of the valley evolving through the Canyon and following the river bed. All along you'll find plenty of natural pools to cool down and get energized in a green emarald water.

view of the canyon

After 2 hours that's when the fun starts as you'll start going up a steep forest for about an hour 1/2.

autumn leaves

The last part is a crazy scree which will make you climb on all fours. One step foward two steps backwards on small stones. I have rarely suffered so much. Out of breath and sweating like crazy. I even lost the track to start climbing on the bigger stones to get a better grip. Once on the top, the view is one of a kind. That 360° view into a cirque, the sea and the mounts around will make you proud of your 10 hour roundtrip hike.

premisses sunset

The way down the scree is a lot of fun. One mate advised us either to surf or jump over the scree. And it was not only fast but a good adrenaline intake. But beware of the stones rolling down behind of you. I've had to jump on the side to avoid a big boulder coming my way. Coming down round sunset is the best advise I can give you to enjoy the lighting into the beech forest (plan one hour to reach it). With the fall colors, we've been stroke by a very warm and surrealistic light.

autumn symphony 2

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So plan to have your headlights to finish the hike. It is so worth it. One of the most oniric hike I've made on this trip.

purple poetry

And I cannot begin to mention how fortunate I felt when I once again had a good hell of a team meet randomly on the beach to go on this hike with. They also initiated me to climbing there. And this is an incredible exhaltation feeling.

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 24 km
  • Time 10 h 0 min
  • Speed 2 km/h
  • Min altitude 6 m
  • Peak 1668 m
  • Climb 2511 m
  • Descent 884 m