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Enjoy a stunning panorama hiking the northern Velebit – Croatia

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13 octobre 2017
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Explore the velebit mountain with its insane overlook on the adriatic

Just the curvy road to get to the Velebit from sea level in Sveti Juraj will offer you a scenic drive. And the fall is the best time to enjoy the panorama. As you go up. The green trees slowly burst into flaming trees with incandescent colors at the top. And the further you progress, the more redish and brownish the trees get as it is colder up there.


Once you reach the turn off for for the park. You get a good look at the valley and get to enjoy this miracle from the top. You'll then enter a forest with the sun rays transcended by the leaves turning the light into a flamboyant cosy light.

en surimpression

Once in Babic Sica. I suggest for sportive people the longer trail instead of the road path because there is more positive ascent. The first part is a succession of beech woods with a really intimate atmosphere as each part is drown by the relief. You sometimes feel like into a sweet and peaceful enclave. And the crackling of leaves as I go barefoot adds to the symphony

Forêt lumière tamisée

Comes the second part, you finally get a glimpse on the sea and can guess the islands floating on top of it. That's when I can tell you that you are in for a treat. You can then access from the Zavižan hut (1594m), the highest peak of the northern Velebit - Mali Rajinac (1699 m). Or even just enjoy the peak just across the hut that already has a lot to offer. The contrast between the green pine, flaming beech trees and the massive karst stone mounts is just breathtaking. The mist was surrounding the desertic islands in the distance. And I felt on another planet. The islands were litterally floating above the sea.

Islands and autumn

Sunset floating islands

I enjoyed the sunset from it. And comes darkness comes the extreme cold. I had no way to go back cause all the people had left the park. I was lucky enough to run into a group of hikers. staying at the hut and managed to get me a spot in the living room on a bench. They on top of it proposed me to join them on a hike to Alan. Spending at least two days up there is worth it.

Radiant sky

Stary sky

The Alan trail is part of the PREMUŽIC'S trail. This trail is stunning. It was built in between 1931 and 1933 and named after the forest engineer. You'll need 6 hours to reach alan from Zavižan.

premuzic trail

Carved trunks

Make sure you make a stop on top of GROMOVACA (1676 m) is the highest peak of Rožanski kukovi and the most viewable lookout to this breathtaking stony labyrinth. Exceptional is also the sea sight. During this whole hike, you get exposed to massive karst blocks areas alternating with forest areas until you reach the final part with a grassland



Once again it's been both a human and nature highlight. I just can't get enough getting high on the world's magic. And the very last morning before reaching the coast was probably one of my best sunrise ever.

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Nothern Velebit

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 24 km
  • Time 9 h 0 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 1241 m
  • Peak 1699 m
  • Climb 1486 m
  • Descent 1642 m