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Explore the wonders of Kamenjak national park in Istria

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9 octobre 2017
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Enjoy the splendor of the Adriatic sea in Cape Kamenjak national Park

The first thing that stroke me when i entered this natural park were the tortuous pine and oak trees which was really mystic.

kamenjak trees

Far from the very fine sandy beaches I do enjoy the rough aspect of how nature is expressing its rights. You get rocky edges from which I jumped to enjoy a skinnydip in a nice cove. And the snorkeling is actually really nice. I got to see about a dozen of bottlenose dolphins which round dusk comes to the reef for chasing.


The adriatic sea has that very special versatily where in the full sun light you get all shades of translucid green. And then, get that oily very textured mercure water at dusk..

water texture

And in between the forest and the coast, the scrub land is magnified. You'll also find rosemary that you can put into your water to infuse over night with some honey. It's common here to get a honey bag with your tea. So it'll be easy to get some and transport it without additionnal weight. Cape kamenjak is definitely workable by foot but many people go by bike as well. It is only 6 km long and one kilometer wide and quite flat. So this journey is definitely for everyone

kamenjak sunset

One thing not to miss is the sunset near the safari bar which is a really good place to chill and have a drink. As the sun goes down enjoy this very intimate and warm light through the trees reshaping the landscape.

kamenjak log

You'll then enjoy the declining sun tearing up the clouds. Before getting a myriad of colors with the islands in the background. There is a high view point with a ladder to climb if you wish. But i enjoyed better going onto the coast further to enjoy the peaceful and majestic show.

kamenjak sunset selfie

I enjoyed a full night in between two trees. You'll find plenty of nice spots. And i can tell you that the swaying of the hammock with the little breeze and the backwash of the sea under a starry sky is a pure jewel. But be discreet as camping isn't allowed. Overall it's all about no lighting a fire and trashing the place.

kamenjak sunset strates

The morning rise is the best closure to your stay. You can enjoy it with your rosemary/honey infusion. And off course a little swim is a must. So don't forget the cape when you come visit Istria. As a next move you should definitely go to mount Učka to overlook the Bay of Trieste, the Julian Alps and the Adriatic islands

kamenjak sunrise



  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 9 km
  • Time 2 h 21 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 38 m
  • Climb 145 m
  • Descent 141 m