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Explore a jewel of the Julian Alps hiking in the 7 lakes valley

Hiking to Viševnik – Pokljuka
7 octobre 2017
Explore the wonders of Kamenjak national park in Istria
13 octobre 2017


Get on the doorstep of the famous Triglav through the 7 lakes trail.

The entrance to Slovenia from Austria through the loeibl pass was quite stunning. So After spending the night on the traditional wooden boats - pletnas - on the majestic lake in Bled surrounded by massive mountain chains and the famous bled castle and gothic church. I was looking forward to going down the valley to go for a very special hike.

My Gondola bis

The seven lake hike can lead you up to the Famous Triglav. Given the weather conditions, getting to Triglav wasn't not be possible as I m not equiped for the snow. So I went for the two first lakes. As I hitchhiked to the begining of the hike. I was lucky to make the sweet encounter of Nataša who offered me to join her on the hike. I felt really fortunate that once again I got to meet someone. I almost never experience my trip as a lonely traveller. You'll pass the enchanting lake Bohinj on the way which is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Then the hike starts in a beautiful beechwood forest bathed by the morning sun. And as we get up we can hear the strengh of the water flowing fiercely through carved paths and cavities. The first lake called black lake is about 1 hours away through a steep ascension. You'll reach a pine tree plateau before getting to the lake that is 1294m high. It is placid and I have rarely found so much serenity. There is not a sound around and it's really quiet. It s like a enclave surrounded by mounts.

first lake

Getting to the second lake called double lake due to its shape (two co-joined lakes) is one hour more on a gentle ascension up to 1694m high with this time an open view and the possibility to overlook the Triglav. The snow yet timid is coloring the landscape and getting my bare feet some good freeze.

second lake

The light and reflection on the lake and the cloud texture all divided by the pine tree line made my jaw drop.

second lake color

At the end of the day back we went back down to the oh so known Savica cascade (slap) exiting straight from the rock in a mesmerizing flow.

Savica slap

We enjoyed the scenery of the declining sun caressing the mounts peaks guiding our eyes into the outer reaches of the valley.


And after a 4 hour hike I did enjoy going back to the fortune pletna (boat) that I had picked as my house for a good sleep.

More hiking to do in the area. Try out the blow minding quick hike to Viševnik peak overlooking the Triglav.

Natasa and Mathieu


7 lake hike

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 13 km
  • Time 3 h 43 min
  • Speed 3 km/h
  • Min altitude 635 m
  • Peak 1698 m
  • Climb 1421 m
  • Descent 1451 m