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Hiking to Viševnik – Pokljuka

My wild camp night in the forest of Plitvice national park
29 septembre 2017
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9 octobre 2017


Get the 360° vertigo from the top of Viševnik and overlook the famous Triglav.

Triglav Bird

This hike goes up to 2050m. Not that high you'll think but trust me you are in for a treat.Start it from Rudno Polje which is only 20km away from Bled. The start is the same way as the cable car and is rather steep. So get your lungs together and go for it. You ll reach Plesice top that overlooks two valleys. Little did I know though that I was gonna run into snow and mud on the way.

Triglav Barefoot

So I decided to keep on going barefoot. The first part was very sleepery and I had to hang onto tree branches to get up. The second was pure snow and I didn't know I could handle it more than a few second. Everyone told me you ll not make it we got snow up to our anckles. But you know how it is, tell me I can't do it. I ll head straight to it. After galoping onto the rocky and snowy soil. I finally got up to the top after 2h. And the mounts to the south seemed to be drawn with chinese ink.

Triglav Chinese ink

Birds were flying around and Triglav was up there all dressed up in white. Intricate shades of blue and green were offering their intimacy to blow my mind away in this fully open landscape. A hike were your eyesight get the 360° vertigo. So I do highly recommend this hike if you are to visit the Triglav valley.

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Come fly with me...

Triglav view



  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 8 km
  • Time 2 h 0 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 1342 m
  • Peak 2050 m
  • Climb 83 m
  • Descent 719 m