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Hiking to the Hafelekarspitze – Innsbruck

26 septembre 2017
Shitake Rhum Risotto
26 septembre 2017
My wild camp night in the forest of Plitvice national park
29 septembre 2017

Sporty hike to the top of the Hafelekarspitze to reach the sky with its 2334m peak.

Valley to Italy BW

It's actually one of the steepest ski run in Europe. You can start from the Alpenzoo in Innsbruck. Then you have two options from the hungerburgbahn Bergstation. You can either take the steep way or zigzag for a smoother hike. It's meant to take around 3 hours. It took me 2 hours. But it is a very steep hiking all along that will make you spit your lungs out if you do it at a fair pace. It isn't a technical climb. although you'll realise what gravity is. There is a cable car that can take you in a heartbeat to the top. The reward though of using your body fuel is nothing comparable. Once up there, the scenery is fully worth the sweat. The front view will allow you to wander through a sinous valley drawn both by the mountains and the road. And you'll lose your eyesight into the magnificent mounts on the door to Italy.

Valley to Liechtenstein

On the south eastern side the valley, I enjoyed the sun piercing through the clouds which turned into a myriad of rays strking the earth. As if The messiah was sent on earth. I have always enjoyed a sky sprinkled with clouds with a bright light. You get that dramatic effect. And the green pastures willl define the contrast. The other side of Hafelekarspitze the will surprise you with its massive sharp limestones mountains designing the tunigskar cirque. The next day, I felt like a train ran over me. So be ready for some good sensations.

Lime stone



  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 10 km
  • Time 3 h 24 min
  • Speed 3 km/h
  • Min altitude 664 m
  • Peak 1896 m
  • Climb 1400 m
  • Descent 170 m