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Hiking to the Säuling – Algaü

25 septembre 2017
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25 septembre 2017
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26 septembre 2017


Overlook the wonders of both the Austrian and German Alps at the same time.


Sauling dominates the whole valley around Fussen being 2047m high. I've started the hike on the Austrian Side in Pflach. The hike is quite easy and smooth until the Saulinghaus where you must stop and have a slice of the plum cake. As simple as it is, it is so moist and tasty. Ideal to attack the last 50 minutes of the hike that is a bit steeper and involves some light secured climbing. Although I do not recommend this hike if it's wet. The whole way was very slipery. From the top, you get to enjoy the oh so enchanting Bavarian hills and the lakes around Füssen Forggensee, Hopfensee, Alpsee (The Algaü region should definitely be a must on your list). But that's only when you don't have clouds. I got there on a clear sky and quickly found myself in the clouds with snow. I couldn't see the way back until it cleared up again.

As you will make your way to the famous castle of Neuschwanstein you will get a better view of the lake Alpsee which has a beautiful turquoise color.

Lake Alpsee

Progressing mostly in a pine forest right under the massive and impressive limastone peaks.Built in the 19th century, this flamboyant neogothical castle sits on a 200m high bedrock. You'll get to enjoy it from the Marienbrücke bridge under which the water flows with strong stream.


Curiosity of the area: The Alpine salamander

It's the very first time I got to see one. The name is self explanatory. It's mostly found in the central, eastern and Dinaric Alps.

The salamander in a few figures.

Found on altitude between 450-2200m

Lives up to 15 years

Weighs from 8-14gr

A pregnancy can last from 2 up to 3 year depending on the altitude!

Have a good hike



Pflach to Neuschwanstein

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 18 km
  • Time 6 h 0 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 829 m
  • Peak 1876 m
  • Climb 1251 m
  • Descent 1145 m