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5 reasons to go barefoot

Hiking as light as can be
25 septembre 2017
Hiking to the Säuling – Algaü
25 septembre 2017


Two years ago, I started to walk barefoot in Australia. After spending one full year with free toes, I have decided that I would mostly go barefoot. Wether I do sports, hikes, walks it always feels better. Here are good reasons to go barefoot.

Improve your balance and posture

I was always walking with an arched back and my shoulders bending forward. Weakened muscle strength is one of the top reasons we develop poor balance or posture in the first place. Going barefoot lets your toes space apart naturally, meaning you have a more stabilizing ground to your foot.It creates an optimally balanced foundation for your body. You can feel and react to the surfaces beneath your feet more acutely, which may help you feel more balanced and grounded.

Get a better Muscle tone

You'll start using dormant muscles. As well as engaging your core muscles such as your abs and back. I definely feel less pain in my back from strenghening it. And I do get the sweet sensation of having steel abs even though I still can't see any six-pack ;)

Reflexology benefits

Stimulating nerves on the bottom of the feet to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation & pain, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and tension, and to stimulate many other healing processes in the body.

Improve your blood circulation

Going barefoot will raise the blood flow into your legs and feet. This means less pain and aches, less varicose veins, and warmer feet and legs in the winter.

Just relax

As you pay more attention to the ground and what you step in, you'll spend less time overthinking about your problems. This will empty your mind. Also the reconnection to mother nature. Reconnect with all your senses, touch the earth, ground yourself, you'll get a different perspective of nature. Don't you think that wearing shoes cuts you from your primary host the Earth?

Whenever I can't be barefoot, like sometimes in the city where I don't spend most of my time, I use the five finger shoes. These allow me to still get a natural footstep, prevent cuts and protect it from icy cold weather.

Your feet are your asset, don't forget to take care of it. I sometimes after a long hike put them in warm water with some bicarb and tea tree essential oïl. You can also massage them with a vegetal oïl.

So ready to hold your body in alignment and take over the word? Try going barefoot and tell me how it feels!

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