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The best black forest cake ever

Mount Belchen – Black Forest
15 septembre 2017


As a kid, i once visited Baden Baden. For the parisian surburban born and raised kid i was, this city looked so neat, beautiful and peaceful. I recall those quiet and florished streets as well as those magnificent belle epoque era buildings. Little did i know that it was only on the doorstep of the mythical black Forest. Which is also the name of the famous dessert!

Schwarzwälder kirschtorte in german., The cake made with a liquor that take its origins in the region. This coming back to Baden Baden 20 years later was thus the opportunity to taste this dessert i highly cherish since I tasted it in Paris in the german-austrian bakery Rue Poncelet.  We have been advised to try the black forrest at the koning café.  We were far from being disappointed.

The taste and texture had something divine about it. The Kirsch flavor was very subtle and flavorsome. The cherries combined with the chocolate melty in mouth. The cherries had the right sourness, not overwhelming and balanced with the  oh so decadent fat from the chantilly. The sponge cake is light and fluffy! The base biscuit for the crunch and the cloud of chantilly to bind all the elements together.

Conclusion:, I was dying for a second slice and definitely couldn't count on my greedy sister who had already finished it all when i barely dug into mine.